Doritos journey to becoming the #1 social and share worthy snack brand in the UK

--- Summer 2012

Add a little Mexican...

In 2012, Mexican cuisine still needed to take the UK by storm. And although snacking occasions were on the rise, small bags of crisps, often eaten at lunch or the pub by individuals or a small group, dominated the market.

The brief from Doritos was to become the #1 snack brand in sales and social engagement over the next 3-5 years.

To dethrone #1, our efforts required we reach a broader audience without alienating our youth target during important sharing occasions. It would also require the brand to be seen as fun through social conversation and interaction as the category leader owned brand equities for "fun" and "perfect for sharing."

By looking at weekly sales data and ad spends the past five years, we calculated Dorito's share of voice (SOV) and share of the market (SOM), and from there were able to forecast which holidays and sporting events Doritos would need to "grow," "defend," or "win" in both conversation and volume to become #1—one marketing strategy aligned commercial priorities with "always on" efforts and media spending.


To achieve this, Doritos needed to become the brand that brought the party to the party. To re-introduce Doritos to the UK, we needed to convey the flavorful fun Doritos offers in a style that showcased an authentic element of Mexico's fiesta culture. Mariachi Doritos was born to add a little Mexican to every party, from social feeds and online videos to real life and at your backyard bbq.

--- Summer 2012 UK Tour

Mariachi Doritos toured the UK to brighten up dull British garden parties covering  80s hit songs. To complement the tour, Doritos created a 'join the tour' contest on Facebook, rewarding lucky fans with a chance to win a live band to play at their next party.

--- Christmas 2012

"Stay Another Day"

The Christmas holiday was identified as the key driver in the category, with the largest market share going toward our nearest competitor...a modified potato snack in a can.

Our idea was to make Doritos the most significant noise at Christmas by creating a Christmas number one single, Doritos style—the sounds of a Christmas party. We recorded Doritos Mariachi as they covered the Christmas hit, "Stay Another Day," and acted like the music industry to take it to mainstream using online and radio.

The video received 13M views, higher than the official number one single and the highest share rate on YouTube, and increased brand awareness, love, and market share.

Easter 2013 ----

#DoritosNameThatTune on Vine

In what is traditionally a time for chocolate brands to spend money on marketing, Easter is the third most significant category spike in the crisps and snacks market.

We decided to decorate our Mariachi Doritos with a few Easter accessories and film them in a small room playing snippets of different recognizable songs using the Vine mobile app, promoting #NameThatTune on Twitter.

The Vine video achieved an engagement rate of 22.7 percent, the average benchmark rate between 11 and 15 percent, and had 27.3 million impressions in 24 hours compared to the nstandard9.5 million benchmarks.  Also, 1.14 million people saw the promoted ’trending topic’ on Twitter, and the brand’s value sales of Doritos sharing bags grew in the month of Easter by 20 percent.

--- Summer 2013
Doritos Jukebox

Building on the success of the Doritos Mariachi Tour and our “Vine” Name That Tune activation, Doritos partnered with Live Nation to put the Nation’s favorite mariachi band on the stage at Yahoo! Wireless Festival in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  The announcement lined up with our latest Doritos ad featuring the Mariachi singing “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” inside a giant jukebox.

The main stage was re-imagined as a gigantic jukebox, and the exclusive Doritos experience offered fans the opportunity to request the next song.  In the lead-up to the event, Doritos also asked fans to help get involved with the Mariachi’s performance by choosing a new track for them to add their renowned Mexican twist to by simply tweeting #DoritosJukebox, to submit their request and be entered to win tickets to Yahoo! Wireless Festival.

The result?  

By the end of 2013, Doritos had increased both its share In social conversation and total category market share, surpassing Pringles for the first time since the product’s introduction to the UK.

Source: Statista - Leading crisps and savoury snack products, ranked by most purchased in the United Kingdom (UK) in November 2013

WARC Grand Prix for the world’s best social strategy; WARC Special Award for best use of analytics; 1x Silver Cannes Best Use of Audio (Media)

Press: FabNews

Credits: Janna Reddig - Associate Director of Comms Planning, Kate Osborne - Business Director, and Daniel Underwood Comms Planner.  AMV/BBDO UK (Creative/Social Agency),  Evrim Sen, Aman Matharu, Taylor Jenkins, and Sebastian Mecozzi (PepsiCo Client)

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