Creating an immersive experience inspired by search data

An untapped opportunity...

Every holiday season, “holiday cocktails” increase in search volume led by the Old Fasioned.  The opportunity meant we could position Maker’s Mark as the bridge between holiday cocktails and memories of character-rich celebrations to become the go-to bourbon for the holidays.


The idea was to create an immersive holiday inspired video overflowing with all the nostalgia of your local cocktail bar on a wintery night filled with friends.  Partnering with Kurt Scheider Hugo, known as a YouTube creator popular for making music out of inanimate objects and Will Champlin, we created a sing-a-long to the timeless song “Auld Lang Syne” in a Chicago cocktail bar spanning across the bar, and spinning around the piano.

The result?

An immersive video that gives the viewer warm holiday feelings and hopes for the new year.
  • + 25% in brand search lift
  • + 21% in ad recall
  • Shared 1200 time
  • Average viewing time of 1:16; 17.2 Minute
  • 199 Comments, 100% Positive
  • 1,125 new channel subscribers
  • +Surpassing our nearest competitor in both search volume and case count

Webby’s Shortlist for Best Use of Video 2018; Industry recognition as best-in-class Google advertising for online video, YouTube plaform (a media first) 

Bar and Restaurant

CREDITS: Janna Reddig - Integrated MarComs Director at Beam Suntory (client), Nathalie Philips - Brand Director, Gigi Dadan - VP, Global Marketing, Brittney Duncan - Media, Doe Anderson (agency), Creative Director/Effects - Ergin Kuke (The Mill), YouTube.

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