Maker’s Mark & Hulu

An unexpected ad unit...

Nearly half of Hulu’s ad-supported viewing hours are spent in binge-watching sessions -- why not take advantage of that?

Maker’s Mark teamed up with Hulu to create an incredible viewing experience for Hulu’s new ad persuasion unit, which allows brands to identify and target viewers partaking in a “content binge” session and reward them with an ad-free experience.


Because Hulu and Maker’s Mark does not take themselves too seriously…we had a bit of fun…

The idea was to parody the “goofs” that often happen in TV/film with props and product placement that don’t belong in the scene (i.e., the Starbucks cup in the Game of Thrones episode). Essentially, Maker’s Mark decided to “crash” four recognizable TV/film genres in subtle and not-so-subtle ways – even the characters and script allude to the gag.

To match the quality Hulu viewers have come to expect, we enlisted The Mill production company to develop the content from start to finish and produce custom:7s, 15s, and:30s units – along with co-branded editorial cards. Furthermore, we had all the music scored to fit the picture and action of the scene.

The result?

A symbiotic partnership that doesn’t feel like an ad. It rewards the viewer. + An increase of unaided brand awareness by 24%, and ad recall by 25%

Industry recognition: 

The Hulu & Maker’s Mark partnership became the streaming industry’s best example of how to be native, and additive to the viewing experience (IAB Annual Leadership Meeting and Disney Advertising Sales Case Study)

Press: Marketing Dive, TechCrunch, Engadget

Credits: Janna Reddig - Global Integrated Marketing Communications Director (client), Brittney Duncan - Media Director  (client), Nathalie Philips - Brand Director and Dale Fakhouri - Brand Manager, Starcom Media Agency, Ergin Kuke - Film Director/Effects, The Mill, Hulu Ad Sales & Creative Team

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