Marc Jacobs Daisy Chain Across The UK

The first sign of Spring...

The fragrance market is a highly competitive industry full of designer labels, celebrities, and lifestyle brands, with multiple launches happening every year to try and win over fragrance consumers.  Staying top of mind and within the top 5 women's fragrances for more than a year is a real challenge.  Chanel and Dior are among the few brands that frequently hold a top 5 slot, especially at Christmas, Valentine's, and Mother's Day.  We would need to carve out our own time to shine to launch Marc Jacobs Daisy and any of its limited editions.  Furthermore, we would need to break conventional advertising norms and go beyond double-page spreads in the September Issue of Vogue and billboards to capture the unique personality of Daisy and Marc Jacobs's unconventional, 3-dimensional bottles clad with Daisy.


Between 22nd September to 19th October 2010, Marc Jacobs transformed cabs in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh to create one big daisy chain using iconic London taxis, adorning them with various sizes and colored Daisies to celebrate the launch of Daisy Eau So Fresh.  To extend our reach, we printed Marc Jacob's classic Daisy on the side of taxis and handed out fresh daisies to unexpected riders.

This represented a long-standing strategy since the first anniversary of Daisy to be the first sign of Spring, as the September Issue and London Fashion Week run in the fall. 

The result?

As a result of high-impact out-of-home advertising, interactive online units, high-impact store display, publisher partnerships, and one fantastic fragrance -- Daisy has now become the second best-selling fragrance in the UK after Chanel.

Credits: Janna Reddig - Comms Planning Manager, Brian Cheung - Associate Director of Comms Planning, Pamela Routely - Coty Prestige Brand Director (Client)

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