Morton Salt (Ice Melt) - Giving dogs their dignity back by freeing them from embarassing booties

Boot the Boot...

Pet Parents spare no expense for their fur babies, yet they strip them of their dignity come wintertime with embarrassing booties because they don’t know a safer ice melt is available. To make it worse, the veterinarians and pet influencers they rely on for expertise lack knowledge about the difference in ice-melt ingredients.


Morton Safe T Pet Ice Melt launched a public service announcement for Pet Lovers everywhere to ‘Boot The Boot’ by pushing out an adorable, action-packed film-featuring adoptable dogs being freed from their embarrassing booties at the start of winter and distributed educational materials through pet influencers, vet offices and within native placements within articles and email lists related to pet care about the dangers of traditional ice melt.

To make an even more significant impact, Morton Salt and the Truckee Humane Society partnered up to bring awareness and protect your dogs’ paws with Morton® Safe-T-Salt on slippery, snowy sidewalks and to help give dogs new homes (including the ones featured in the ad).

Safer Ice Melt for Happy Paws! Morton® Safe-T-Pet is the vet-preferred ice melt for happy paws. Less irritation, more winter fun. Not all ice melts are created equal. Try Morton® Safe T Pet®, the only ice melt developed with and recommended by veterinarians so your dog can frolic free. It’s time to #BootTheBoot.

The result?

‘Boot the Boot’ drove 8MM views overall and quickly spread to Pet Lovers everywhere - which was equally important as no paws are safe if neighbors use traditional ice melt.

  • Video completion was 19% (above industry benchmarks
  • 55k views to the Boot The Boot website to learn more
  • 84% of WAG Society engagements were organic and 41+% of AKC
  • members opened email blast (> 20% benchmark) and spent on average up to 3 minutes with native articles
  • 25.7MM total impressions (1.8MM influencer impressions)
  • 174K total social engagements
  • Engagement among Instagram Pet Celebrities like ‘Toby Little Dude’ and ‘The Bonaparte’ and WAG society outperformed Facebook and paid media on engagement (upwards of 10%)

Credits: Janna Reddig Strategy Director; Max Arevou Planner; Amy Gozalka, Kara Coyle, and Liz Taylor Creative Team (Ogilvy); Ron Kurian Media Lead (NeoOgilvy); Paige Robbins - Account Lead

Symbiotic Strategies LLC
Santa Monica, CA 90403