Brighter Mornings for Tropicana

To brighter mornings...

To all those starting New Year's resolutions and routines, dark January mornings sure don't help our motivation or sense of optimism.

Tropicana wanted to change that.


As part of Tropicana's "Brighter Mornings" campaign, a man-made sun rose in Trafalgar Square at 6.51 am created by art collective Greyworld. The ball of light took six months to complete and weighs over 2,500 kgs. The light source produces 4 million lumens of light, the equivalent of 60,000 light bulbs!

This is the second outing for the giant artificial sun. Last year, Tropicana lit up Inuvik, one of Canada's northernmost towns. During the winter, the sun never rises, and it was quite a sight for the residents who glugged Tropicana. At the same time, camera crews scampered about filming their reactions for a series of commercials.  

The result?

It impacted those who could see the spectacle and was quickly picked up by national news.

Trended as a paid trend and organic as #TrafalgarSun, marking the first promoted trend on Twitter UK.

"We have to commend Tropicana on the rapid turnaround of the behind-the-scenes video and special ad.  It certainly seems like all channels by which to promote this campaign had been considered!"

Credits: Janna Reddig - Associate Director of Comms Planning, Grey Worldwide, Luke Towsin - Twitter Rep, PepsiCo Clients

Media: Campaign

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