Tyson - Keep it Real 

Q: What’s in a Tyson Fun Nugget?

Q: Are Tyson chickens treated with antibiotics?

Q: Do Tyson chickens live healthy lives?

Keep it Real...

In the backdrop of the local, farm-to-table "big food is bad food," families were feeling the pressure of buying beyond their means and questioning the quality of fresh and frozen food from a company the size of Tyson.


By validating this hypothesis through social listening, search inquiries, and MRI data trends over the last ten years vs. chicken buyers, Tyson opened its doors and invited people in.

Daniel Judge, an award-winning documentarian, was given access to Tyson's families, farmers, chefs, and animal caretakers to tackle the most searched questions consumers had about Tyson in a documentary series.  The release lined up with the announcement of Tyson's commitment to "No Antibiotics Ever" - an enormous stride toward fighting antibiotic resistance worldwide.

Q: Is Tyson chicken produced in the US?

Q: What’s in Tyson’s breading recipe?

Q: How does Tyson frozen chicken compare to fresh?

The result?

Historic transparency from a “big food” manufacturer, and successful rollout of No Antibiotics Ever!  across Tyson Chicken

WPPs Most Collaborative Partnership in the Network - Tyson “Hatchery” 2017

Credits: Janna Reddig - Strategic Brand Planning Director/Integration lead, Kendra Arenkill - Planner; Karl Turnbull, James Hidden and Amy Medellin - Client Services Leadership; David Hernandez - Creative Director; BPN media; Tiffany Palermo - Y&R VML; Tyson (client).

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