Alone we are a drop of water but together we are a rainstorm...

Build like a God...

In the pursuit of organizing the world’s information in Web2 - social interactions, commerce, and even our data have become centralized and surveillanced. 

Web3 believes in the freedom to create, store, and share our ideas.  No limitations.

Enter ZÜS, a decentralized storage network and app ecosystem with a kickass protocol, limitless capabilities, and one divine brand name and logo without a message.


Rather than hide from the mythological god in an industry where Web3 companies are built through memes, gifs, and hype culture - we decided to lean into it as myths have always helped humanity make the passage between what we can see and what we can only imagine.

Our strategy was to inspire and seduce our community and the next generation dStorage users by inspiring them with Züs’s limitless power and seducing them with our mythos

  • Tease them with a re-brand hinting at distinctive brand assets such as lightning and a flash of the greek god.

  • Debut the manifesto throughout the whole ecosystem.  Nod to the mythology of Züs, and let the community do the rest, which is exactly what they did, changing their profile pics and account names to embrace the mythology.

  • Give them a curtain look at the brand and the innovation pipeline of apps to come through a series of AMAs and blog posts on medium.

  • Züsifying Zeus.  Working with Fivver freelancers, we created a character for Züs that embodied the mythological god Zeus but was branded head to toe in Züs in we could leverage for gifs, merchandise, and memes

The result?

We transformed our community, who are essentially the most prominent critics into a positive tribe of Züs immortals, Greek Gods, and Goddesses who were not only impressed by the tech but also in love with the brand.

Symbiotic Strategies LLC
Santa Monica, CA 90403