“The Mark of the Maker”

Character is a casualty of modern life...
...In a world a world full of algorithms and machines, character is the casualty of modern life.  Yet, Maker’s Mark Whisky still operates as inneficiently as they always have to ensure the quality and distinctiveness of Maker’s. 

Every barrel is still rolled by hand, every bottle hand-dipped, and every label hand-cut.  Makers a certified B Corp sources every ingredient within just a few miles of its distillery, and every drop of water that goes into its whisky comes from the Maker’s Mark lake.

Maker's Mark is still one of the things left that is handmade and full of character.  From streaming video to experiential, we created a new rallying cry for the brand to protect character in the world by taking it out of hiding...

The Mark of the Maker launched across the globe with increased support in Australia, Germany, the UK, and the US.

The brand point of view went beyond standard ad formats and transformed how the brand showed up in handpainted billboards, sports sponsorships, and TV integrations.

Above: Handpainted billboards in NY, LA, and SF.

Above: “Made by Hand” a partnership with Chefsfeed and 5 chefs whose passion for working with their hands extends beyond just cooking.

The Mark of the Maker through the lens of Breeders Cup; The Mark of the Maker adapted for LA Lakers jumbotron ad

Ironically, in the span of 12 months Kitchen Aid launched a campaign coined “The Marks of Making” with parallel verbiage to Maker’s Mark.  Instead of battling the message, we joined forces and celebrated Maker’s everywhere the week of Thanksgiving, creating a batch old fashioned cocktails and recipes using their iconic red mixer.  The conversation between the two brands exceeded expectations and the social benchmarks for the brand.

As a result, the Mark of the Maker campaign and the engagement and incremental reach generated innovative partnerships and branded content, 2018/2019 resulted in the most effective communications on the brand ever. 

The 2018 brand plan won Suntory’s “Yatte Minahare” Best Vision Into Action award.

Credits: Janna Reddig, Director of Integrated Marketing Communication; Gigi Dadan, VP Global Marketing; David Campbell, VP IMC; Nathalie Philips, US Brand Director; Sean Thonson, Director/DP beautifully captured our distillery and Star Hill Farm.  Music by Moon Taxi “Good as Gold” track secured by Samantha Parvin Inc, and Scarlett Johansson as V/O (Octagon); Creative Agency: Doe Anderson

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